How a BCBA can help your family at home

In addition to Behaviour Support, a Behaviour Analyst can help your family in a variety of ways. A BCBA can also help family members understand their child’s needs, communication style and the function of any behaviours of concern.

How to teach a skill

Today’s blog post will focus on using ABA therapy to teach new skills, which quite often is why families will come to the Lizard Centre in the first place. They want to understand how to help their child learn.

Taking your Kids to Social Events

River, one of our clinicians in Brisbane shares their story of how they planned and prepared and worked with their child to go out and be successful in the world, and how this experience informs their practice at Lizard.

ABA in School

We hope that some of these tips and strategies for ABA in school will help your child’s transition into the next chapter of their lives!

Travel tips for kids with ASD

Whether you’re flying or driving, traveling with kids with ASD for the holidays can be tricky. Here are some tips for helping travel go more smoothly.

Holiday tips for kids with ASD

Here are some tips for children with ASD over the holidays to help you and your family to reduce the stress and enjoy the holiday season.