Career Pathways at Lizard

At Lizard we recognise that our therapists are the foundations of our business, and we are committed to supporting the growth and development of our therapists throughout their careers.

We offer a range of roles, starting at Therapy Assistant and progressing through to Therapy Supervisor or Behaviour Support Practitioner and then on to our Practice Leaders. We provide further opportunities to into Clinical Director or General Management.

Our Therapy Assistants are smart, highly engaging and energetic. While there are no formal qualifications required, this role may be particularly suitable for you if you have completed or are currently studying in an adjacent field or have obtained a Certificate in Allied Health Assistance.

You will receive hands-on training in behaviour therapy and our Lizard Programs, before being matched with one of our families to deliver one-on-one therapy. In your role, you will receive close supervision and coaching from one of our experienced Therapy Supervisors.

This is a great role if you enjoy working with children and want to build your expertise in behaviour therapy and Positive Behaviour Support, or if you want to build a career as a Behaviour Therapist.

To learn more, contact our Careers team here.

Our Therapy Supervisors are credentialled and experienced leaders, who understand the principles of delivering evidence-based and contemporary intervention practice and are experts in delivering Lizard’s Programs.

  1. Therapy Supervisors need to have a CBA or BCBA credential, with 1-3 year’s direct experience designing and supervising the implementation of intervention programs.

  2. Behaviour Support Practitioners need to be a registered with the NDIS as a Behaviour Support Practitioner (core or above), with 1-3 year’s hands-on experience writing BSPs and delivering behaviour support

You will be a key part of our clinical team and receive ongoing supervision and support from one of our Practice Leaders as well as ongoing professional development opportunities. We offer senior therapist roles which specialise in both behaviour therapy as well as in positive behaviour support.

To learn more, contact our Careers team here.

Our Practice Leaders are the glue that holds our business together! These leadership roles require a rare combination of people management expertise and clinical excellence.

You will be responsible for building and managing your practice. This means recruiting, onboarding and managing a cohort of Therapy Supervisors. In this role you will also need to ensure strong compliance with our Lizard Programs, and to maintain excellent clinical standards.

Our Practice Leaders collaborate with our Clinical Director to refine and improve our Lizard Programs and clinical procedures. Our Practice Leaders are considered experts in their field. Practice Leaders need to maintain a small caseload to ensure they remain hands-on with the day-to-day experience of delivering therapy our Programs.

To learn more, contact our Careers team here.

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Do you believe in high clinical standards, contemporary and child-centred practices, and delivering intervention programs that change the life trajectory of the children and families which you support?

We are looking for principled, energetic, independent and growth-oriented therapists at all levels. Please check experience and credential requirements here.

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