Meet Our Specialists

Meet the dedicated professionals at Lizard Therapy in Melbourne—passionate and skilled individuals ready to make a difference. Allow us to introduce our Melbourne team, Senior Centre Clinician, Elene Abuladze, and our therapists in early intervention and behaviour support, Anna Gibson, Amelia Catchpool, Maddy Toohey, and Sinead Quinlivan.
Based on their extensive collective experience, they are dedicated to working closely with you and your child, delivering personalised therapy and steadfast support.

Each child’s journey deserves tailored solutions

As behavioural therapists, our commitment is to provide personalised services. We also recognise each child’s unique path, ensuring that therapy can easily adapt to your family’s needs. We do this through our therapists’ flexibility in a variety of support services.

We aim to create a supportive environment for your child’s growth and development, this is whether it is in your home, at daycare, or at school or kindergarten.

Two Decades of Expertise

We have supported children, and their families to navigate the challenges of autism and developmental delays for more than 20 years. Our 20-year experience helping families with autism or developmental delays makes caring for your child easier. Lizard programs are a result of years of dedicated research, continuous refinement, and many success stories. We are proud of the seamless adaptation and evolution that defines our response to the ever-changing developmental support landscape.

Comprehensive Support for Lasting Impact

Our programs aim to address both the immediate needs of the child. Additionally, through our tailored programs your child will develop skills and strategies that will contribute to your child’s success in the long run. In order to provide a tailored approach to children with autism or developmental delays, we understand their journey is unique.

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Get your child on the path to success and unlock their full potential with Lizard Therapy Melbourne’s programs.

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