Empowering Children Living with Autism Through Effective Therapy

At Lizard Centre, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and effective autism therapy. Our approach is based on the principles of evidence-based and socially validated techniques. We believe in building capacity and achieving meaningful outcomes for the children and families we serve.

Our highly trained and experienced therapy assistants utilise therapy strategies and techniques founded in Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) and Positive Behaviour Support, which are evidence-based, value driven therapies tailored to the unique needs of each individual. By combining the most effective techniques, we ensure that our autism therapy programs are individualised and effective in promoting skill development, fostering independence, and enhancing overall quality of life.

Understanding Autism

Autism affects all individuals differently, but commonly impacts a person’s social interactions, communication, and behaviour. An autistic person may also be able to focus in on highly individualised interests, express themselves in unique and creative ways, and connect with others through those interests.

Some common signs of autism in children include:

  • challenges in social interaction, such as difficulty in sharing in others’ interests,
  • engaging in conversation,
  • or understanding social cues.

Behavioural patterns in children with autism often involve:

  • repetitive behaviours,
  • restricted interests,
  • sensory sensitivities,
  • or resistance to change.

It is important to note that signs of autism can vary from child to child, and not all individuals with autism will display the same characteristics. Early identification and intervention play a crucial role in supporting children with autism, as it can lead to better outcomes and improved quality of life.

Evidence-Based Approach:

At Lizard Centre, we are committed to evidence-based and socially validated autism therapy and teaching strategies. We believe in the power of individualised and child-driven therapy, where each child’s unique strengths and needs are carefully considered.

Our approach is backed by extensive research and aims to help children and families develop the skill sets necessary for independent and fulfilling lives.

The Benefits:

Autism therapy at Lizard Centre offers numerous benefits for individuals with autism. Our programs are designed to prioritise and teach essential skills that enable children to learn effectively from anyone, not just their therapist.

We understand that every child is unique, coming from different backgrounds and with different strengths and challenges. That’s why our autism therapy is highly individualised, focusing on the specific needs of each child.

Through our autism therapy programs, children can achieve significant progress in various areas, such as communication, social interaction, behaviour management, self-help skills, and academic abilities.

Our therapists work diligently to track and demonstrate the progress made by the child, ensuring that the teaching methods employed are effective and yield noticeable outcomes that are valuable to the child and their family.

Parent Involvement and Support:

We firmly believe in the power of parental involvement and support in the therapy process. Parents and caregivers are not just observers but active participants in their child’s journey towards growth and development. From the onset, we involve parents and caregivers in our autism therapy programs, recognising their invaluable role in their child’s progress.

In all of our programs, we have a three-month parent training component built in. This training equips parents with the knowledge and skills necessary to support their child’s development at home. We provide ongoing parent training, consultation, and capacity building throughout the therapy process, ensuring that parents feel supported and empowered in their role.

Our therapy assistants work closely with parents and caregivers, providing guidance, strategies, and support to reinforce the skills learned during autism therapy sessions. We understand that the child’s progress extends beyond the Lizard Centre and into their everyday lives. By involving parents as partners in the therapy process, we can create a collaborative and cohesive approach that maximises the child’s potential for growth.

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Why Choose Lizard?

  1. More therapy for your money. A great deal of our programs are delivered by trained Therapy Assistants, which delivers more therapy hours than a full-time ABA therapist in the NDIS program.
  2. Greater intensity delivers better results. Research shows that face-to-face therapy improves outcomes, supports families in skill generalisation, and speeds up children’s learning of new skills.
  3. Outcomes-based approach. Our Lizard Programs are founded on evidence-based practices. We also set clear goals and measure child and family outcomes for all our programs.
  4. We have a family-first approach. We rely on strong parental input to help us build a tailored program for each child. Parent training is built into each program.

Our current service areas include metro regions for: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide & Brisbane.

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