Tom L

Tom started at the Lizard Centre in Melbourne in 2018 as a Lizard Behavioural Therapist. He has collaboratively worked with schools, homes and at the Centre. Tom is passionate about working with children to support their learning and development.

Rachita D

Rachita started at Lizard in Dec 2018. Prior to working at Lizard, she was a Special Educator and is passionate about working with children. Lizard has provided her with a fulfilling work environment, where she yearns to make a difference.

Amelia C

Amelia has worked with Lizard since Feb 2019. She has extensive practical experience and most enjoys seeing the improvement of her Lizard clients and the fun they bring to each session.

Margaret-Ann B

She has worked in the field of ABA for over eight years and in a wide range of settings and environments such as clinics, homes, schools, kindergartens, and anywhere else learning can happen. Maggie has amazing experience in developing individualised behaviour intervention programs, positive behaviour support, and parent and therapist training. She believes that anything… Continue reading Margaret-Ann B

Lucy S

Lucy has been working with learners on the spectrum in early intervention and beyond for the past 5 years in clinic, home, childcare, kindergarten and school settings. She is passionate about inclusion and helping children reach their full potential and loves that she gets to play all day!

Anna G

Anna is a Senior Behaviour Therapist at Lizard in Sydney. She studied a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology at the University of Sydney, and has been working as a behaviour therapist at Lizard since the start of 2014. Anna has experience as both an independent behaviour therapist and a Lizard behaviour therapist on a… Continue reading Anna G

Elene A

Elene is the Senior Centre Clinician for Melbourne and Adelaide offices at Lizard Centre. She oversees the clinical team of Behaviour Support Specialists, who provide Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention and Behaviour Support services to children with ASD and related developmental disorders. As a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) and NDIS registered Behaviour Support Practitioner, Elene… Continue reading Elene A

Nikki Jansson

Nikki Jansson has a Bachelor of Business – Management and certifications in Customer Operations & Quality. She has over 15 years of work experience in Australia and overseas (Asia and Europe) in business leadership, BPO projects and consulting. Nikki’s passion for child welfare and development led her to the position at Lizard. Her principal motivators… Continue reading Nikki Jansson